Saturday, March 16, 2013

One of the LONGEST weeks ever

I'm sitting on the loveseat beside one very sick dog.  It's my daughter's chihuahua, Bea.  Bea came into our lives via Pendergrass Flea Market the year she graduated from high school.  I was dead set against this dog...didn't want another inside dog... was relatively sure beyond a shadow of a doubt I didn't like chihuahuas. 
Bea made me eat every last word of every argument I had against her.  She stole my heart, then broke it wide open to squeeze in three more chihuahuas of my own.  Bea seems to be actively dying.  She has been in the Vet hospital all week on IV's.  She looked some better when we brought her home yesterday, but she is spiraling downhill.  The vet told us this morning, that sometimes when their kidneys fail, there's no way to correct it.  It seems that is where we stand.  Oh, I pray I'm wrong, we've cried, we've begged, we've pleaded, we've prayed... In a year of so many losses for my daughter, it seems that she might could be spared this one loss.  The boys know something's wrong.
They have laid quietly beside her today just keeping her company.  I feel so completely helpless.
Terry asked tonight on the way home from dinner, why did I think a dogs lifespan was so much shorter than a humans. I could only answer as I read once in All Things Great and Small. It's because they don't have to live as long to be worthy of heaven. 

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